Sounds Like Hate is an audio documentary series about the dangers and peril of everyday people who engage in extremism, and ways to disengage them from a life of hatred.

Season Four

Episode 1

Red Flags Everywhere

Image of Donald Trump in front of the capitol

December 30, 2021

In this special episode of Sounds Like Hate Season 4, we travel back to the months leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, to track white supremacists as they plan, prepare and execute their violent plot to attack the U.S. Capitol and overturn an election. Listen to the podcast now as we examine the events that should have been ‘red flags’ in 2020 as the hate and extremism movement reached a boiling point in the lead up to Jan. 6, 2021. 

Warning: This account contains graphic descriptions that may trigger some listeners. Discretion is advised.

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Episodes 2 & 3

Wake-up Call

Listen to Wake-up Call: Part I

June 14, 2022

Founded in 1893, the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington is a college embedded in Southern military tradition – which includes an unquestioning respect for the Confederacy. For many years, VMI required its recruits to reenact a Confederate battle, despite the fierce objections of students of color. These students say that was just the start of the racism they endured throughout their time at the school. But in the spring of 2020, a racial reckoning came to VMI after some students and alumni began to air their frustrations and demand change. In this episode of Sounds Like Hate, you’ll hear from those students and alumni. You’ll also discover how they exposed the racism and false historical narratives plaguing an institution that prides itself on producing future leaders. The issues playing out at this state school are intimately tied to Virginia politics and have implications for how our country grapples with the legacy of slavery.

Warning: This account contains graphic descriptions that may trigger some listeners. Discretion is advised.

Read the full transcript here.

The “Wake-Up Call Part One” episode of the Sounds Like Hate podcast was nominated for a Webby Award in the category of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Season Four Showmakers

Geraldine Moriba

Geraldine Moriba

Co-Executive Producer

Geraldine Moriba is the senior vice president of TheGrio News and Entertainment, and a journalist, filmmaker and writer. Previously she was a Stanford University-Brown Institute scientist using machine learning to analyze editorial decisions. She’s won Emmys, a duPont Award and a Peabody Award.

Jamila Paksima

Jamila Paksima

Co-Executive Producer and Co-Host

Jamila Paksima is an executive producer, journalist, director and filmmaker. She produces award-winning documentaries, political and investigative reports about social and civil rights issues. Her work has been featured on PBS, Amazon, BBC, MSNBC and Independent Lens.

Yvonne Latty

Yvonne Latty

Host and Producer

Yvonne Latty, co-host/producer, is the director of NYU Journalism’s graduate program Reporting New York and Reporting the Nation. She has produced documentaries, written two books about veterans, hosted, produced and edited podcasts and worked as an urban newspaper reporter. She is winner of a Gracie for her podcast Alzhiemer’s in Color, among other accolades.  She has been featured in over 100 media outlets, and her work has appeared in NPR, USA TodayChicago Sun TimesBET.comThe Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and other media outlets. 

Jordan Gass-Poore

Jordan Gass-Poore'


Jordan Gass-Poore’ is a podcast producer and investigative journalist with a decade of experience in the U.S. and the U.K. She’s also the co-founder of the audio collective Local Switchboard NYC.

Warner Meadows

Warner Meadows


Warner Meadows is a composer, producer, rapper and singer. He’s a solo artist and half of the rap duo PEARL. His compositions, available on Spotify, blend the worlds of hip-hop, jazz and classical music.