Sounds Like Hate is an audio documentary series about the dangers and peril of everyday people who engage in extremism, and ways to disengage them from a life of hatred.

Season Three

Episodes 1 & 2

Collateral Damage

Listen to Collateral Damage: Part I

voter in wheelchair

October 26, 2021

Harmful voter suppression bills are cropping up in states across the country. In this episode, we visit Georgia to investigate a deeply politicized and potentially devastating bill that, among many other restrictions, famously bans offering food or water to voters waiting in line. We meet the activists and community members who are fighting the bill and its deliberate and calculated voter suppression of people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. And, we get an inside look at possible paths to overturning the law and securing a voting rights victory for all Georgians. 

Warning: This account contains graphic descriptions that may trigger some listeners. Discretion is advised.

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Episodes 3 & 4

Fostering Hate

Listen to Fostering Hate: Part I

child and caregiver

November 9, 2021

Part I of “Fostering Hate” tells the story of an epic battle between the city of Philadelphia and the religious right over LGBTQ parents and the foster system. Philly has more children in need of foster care than any other city of comparable size – a reported 6,000 children need foster care at any given time. Yet several of the organizations who work to place children in foster homes in the city refuse to work with LGBTQ parents, citing religious reasons. We traveled to Philadelphia to meet some of the parents and children affected by these discriminatory policies – and to unravel the ongoing legal battle over the future of queer parents in Philly’s foster system. 

Warning: This account contains graphic descriptions that may trigger some listeners. Discretion is advised.

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November 23, 2021

In this special bonus episode of Sounds Like Hate, we give you an exclusive update on The Base, an international “white power” terrorist group plotting for a race war. Back in Sounds Like Hate’s first season, we revealed The Base had a sprawling network of recruits who met and trained regularly with firearms. Since then, some members of The Base, acting in different small cells across the United States, have been arrested and are awaiting trial. This episode features the latest developments in these cases – and details the disturbing crimes these extremists were planning to commit. 

Warning: This account contains graphic descriptions that may trigger some listeners. Discretion is advised.

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Episode 5

The Unwelcome

Listen to The Unwelcome: Part I

illustration of girl hiding

November 30, 2021

In Part I of “The Unwelcome,” we’re on the southern border in Arizona, where armed militia groups stalk migrants traversing harsh desert conditions. In some cases, militia members arm themselves with guns, scopes and motion activated video cameras seek to capture migrants and destroy their water sources, putting migrants’ lives at an even steeper risk. These militias have even harassed humanitarian organizations who help migrants, claiming their activities are patriotic. Despite decades of Civil Rights triumphs, migrants seeking refuge in the U.S. are subjected to torment by these militias without the same protections under the law that U.S. citizens are afforded. 

Warning: This account contains graphic descriptions that may trigger some listeners. Discretion is advised.

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Season Three Showmakers

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Geraldine Moriba

Co-Executive Producer

Geraldine Moriba is the senior vice president of TheGrio News and Entertainment, and a journalist, filmmaker and writer. Previously she was a Stanford University-Brown Institute scientist using machine learning to analyze editorial decisions. She’s won Emmys, a duPont Award and a Peabody Award.

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Jamila Paksima

Host, Co-Executive Producer

Jamila Paksima is an executive producer, journalist, director and filmmaker. She produces award-winning documentaries, political and investigative reports about social and civil rights issues. Her work has been featured on PBS, Amazon, BBC, MSNBC and Independent Lens.

Yvonne Latty


Yvonne Latty, co-host/producer, is the director of NYU Journalism’s graduate program Reporting New York and Reporting the Nation. She has produced documentaries, written two books about veterans, hosted, produced and edited podcasts and worked as an urban newspaper reporter. She is winner of a Gracie for her podcast Alzhiemer’s in Color, among other accolades.  She has been featured in over 100 media outlets, and her work has appeared in NPR, USA TodayChicago Sun TimesBET.comThe Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and other media outlets. 

Sam Riddell

Sam Riddell

Editor and Producer

Sam Riddell is a podcast and video producer whose work centers on sexual health, intersectional feminism, science, and social justice. She is lead producer of the Third Coast and ASHG award winning podcast “In Those Genes. Shhas also produced work for Democracy Now!, WHYY and Inverse. 

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Warner Meadows


Warner Meadows is a composer, producer, rapper and singer. He’s a solo artist and half of the rap duo PEARL. His compositions, available on Spotify, blend the worlds of hip-hop, jazz and classical music.

Valerie Keller

Valerie Keller


Valerie Keller is a film & video editor of the Emmy-nominated dance film Fever, the Academy Award short-listed Abortion Helpline: This is Lisa, and more.

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Jordan Gass-Poore'


Jordan Gass-Poore’ is a podcast producer and investigative journalist with a decade of experience in the U.S. and the U.K. She’s also the co-founder of the audio collective Local Switchboard NYC.

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Will Crichton

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Will Crichton is a computer science Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University. His current research applies cognitive science to understand the challenges of learning and practicing software engineering.